Necessity is the mother of inventions

Welcome to Sigma Kids an Ed-Tech Preschool. An idea to connect qualified teachers and children who are waiting to learn from their homes.

Unfortunately, the situation demands all of us to stay home. Even if the lockdown is lifted, one may not feel protected to send their little ones out for learning, particularly children of the age group of 3 to 5 years.

Now, the question is how to go about with their education. Firstly, you can enroll them in a preschool or a regular school. In case, you are unable to enroll them for any reason – budget constraints, safety and security, want to wait or explore more options…but certainly you don’t want to lose the precious time of your child. You cannot skip their academic year nor intent to hamper their learning. On the other hand there is a trained and passionate preschool teacher in your locality who is equally concern about children and their learning. Sigma Kids wants to provide a platform to connect you both and facilitate quality education.

Sigma Kids on boards a teacher, takes their commitment in written. Provide them with required training and curriculum to enable them to teach. We provide Books and apps to every learner enrolled for our program. The quality of education is maintained across our teaching fraternity due to our constant support system; which is driven by our academic mentors. Unlike a conventional preschool which hinges on their own curriculum. Our course is designed and endorsed by Oxford University Press. The has been aligned as per the guidelines stated in the latest Education Policy of 2019. If you liked our simple idea, connect with us by filling the below form.

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