Why do we need Skills?

  1. Skills are an important pre-requisite for innovation and technological advancement.
  2. Individuals are most likely to earn more and have more rewarding jobs and lives if they have a high level of skill.
  3. The individuals are more likely to be able to cope with change in their lives. Change is continuous, actually rapid, in 21st century.

What is the right age to enroll for the program ‘Gyrification of Skills’?

Skill by it’s definition means the ability to do something well. They are cumulative which means they only grow bigger and get better as one practices them over a period of time. We have designed the program keeping the age group of 13 to 21 years in mind.

What is the program duration?

The entire program is designed for one calendar year (Starting this September, 2018). Further, it has been divided into two semesters and monthly themes. So an individual can even enroll for a semester (starting on September 2, 2018) depending on the learner’s requirement.

Is the course for free?

We wish we could give it for free but that is not the case. We are charging INR 4800/- per quarter (i.e. 10 sessions for a quarter year). Look out for our coupons and leaflets to avail discounts.

To know where and when are we conducting the classes, email us at encephalors@gmail.com