A child, in our times, begins to learn literacy and numeracy in the early years of schooling. As the children graduate to primary and middle school, they study different subjects as part of academics. Soon they are asked to choose their domain or stream for higher studies and career. A straight jump from the phases of academic excellence to career success does over stretch a child. We, at Encephalors, have seen many fall at various phases, and thus we have decided to help these learners over come such sudden jump in two ways: 1. ‘Gyrification of Skills where we help the young guns to aim for the stars and enhance their skills/talents and 2. ‘Gyrification of Academia’ where we work with bachelors degree aspirants to set high scores.¬†

Gyrification of Skills

Presently, Encephalors are focused to develop and train the teenage learners at the weekends. Design Thinking being the underlying methodology to solve problems and develop 21st century skills, the modules are broadly divided under four major strands:

  1. Positive Emotions
  2. Creativity
  3. Habits Of Mind
  4. STEM Skills

Spend your Sunday with Encephalors and enhance your skills!

Gyrification of Academia

During the pandemic, we saw a problem with respect to preschool education. As Encephalors, we came up with the model of Sigma Kids to help children learn in the safety of their homes. To know more click here

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