Encephalors are active individuals who look for opportunities to learn and develop themselves; they come together for a common cause which benefits the society at large and gives a sense of contentment within.

The word ‘encephalor’ is derived from the word ‘encephalon’ which means brain. Basically, Encephalors are Brainers.

We call it ‘Gyrification of Brain’.

It comes from the word ‘Gyrus’ which, in neuroanatomy, is a ridge on the cerebral cortex of cerebrum.  Ridges and depressions create folds allowing a larger cortical surface area, and greater cognitive function, to exist in the confines of a smaller cranium. (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

To make things simpler, the more wrinkles you have on your brain, the more intelligent you are; and Encephalors simply help you achieve that increase of your brain powers!

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Online Summer Camp in association with Eva World School, Ira Global School and Delhi World Public School, Nerul. Starting on 7th May 2020.


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